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BONUS: How to Measure like a scientist?

My dad, Wim Hof, always goes by the mantra ‘feeling is understanding’, but you can actually also measure the effects with very simple devices that costs less than a visit to the doctor. Not only does it turn you into your own alchemist, but also into your own scientist. This can also help you to deepen your understanding, by knowing what is happening on a physiological level. Become your our own alchemist, or better yet: become your own scientist!

Below, I explain how you can be your very own test subject at home by measuring what kind of effects the Wim Hof Method has on your physiology. You can measure changes in your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and ph level. Just download the Wim Hof Method breathing App, and start testing away! These four things you can measure during and after doing the Wim Hof Method:


The Wim Hof Method breathing can bring your blood pressure to significantly lower levels. This also makes sure you stress less! Most people know a friend, neighbor, or family member that needs to measure their blood pressure now and then, so you might be able to lend the device from them! In any other case you can also easily buy one. They don't have to be expensive at all. For less than 30 bucks you are the proud owner of a blood pressure device.


Heart rate variability is very important for your health. You want a heart rate that is flexible and adapts easily. The Wim Hof Method trains your heart beat variability by alternating between hyperventilation (deep breathing) and retention (breath holds). With the specific breathing techniques there is a profound effect on your heart rate, which can be measured instantly! It speeds it up and slows it down accordingly. You can measure what it does for you during these two phases of breathing, by measuring it with an oximeter. This sets you back less than 15 bucks.


Your blood is actually nearly always at 100% oxygen saturation, but with the Wim Hof Method breathing we actually change the chemistry, increasing the carbon dioxide level in comparison to the O2 levels. This change in biochemistry has all kinds of physiological effects. With the oximeter of above you can measure this change easily and effectively!


We thrive on a ph level (acidity level) of about 7.4, but due to all of the pollution in the air, the toxins we ingest, the daily stress in our lives (which also causes inflammation), our physiology is usually actually slightly more acidic than ideal. By doing the Wim hof Method we increase the PH level, the alkalinity, of our blood. This can be measured with ph-level strips. During our Wim Hof Method Weekends we get have people pee on a ph-strip before and after, and it is incredible how it changes. No worries, we wash our hands! Again, it doesn’t cost a couple of bucks to buy this for your own breathing practice at home.


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