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Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Embarking on my inaugural journey into the cryo chamber, my expectations soared, fueled by the countless icy plunges and bone-chilling showers that had preceded it. I was eager to unravel the mystery behind subzero temperatures echoing through the cryo chamber realm.

In the heart of Bangkok, I opted for this uncharted experience. The setting was impeccable—luxury emanated from every corner, promising an elite encounter. A swift sign-off marked the beginning of what I anticipated to be a thrilling venture into extreme cold.

Opting for the most extreme version, the 'professional' mode at -140 degrees Celsius (-230F), I anticipated an intensity akin to my customary ice baths. My expectations were shaddered.

Here's where reality struck like a cold gust of wind:

  1. UNPLEASANT EMBRACE: Encased within a cube, the experience felt confining, a far cry from the liberating sensation of the great outdoors.

  2. UNNATURAL AURA: The mist, an unnatural nitrogen concoction, lingered in the air, prompting contemplation on the unfamiliarity of this gaseous encounter.

  3. INSUFFICIENT IMMERSION: Despite the external chill, the cold failed to penetrate my core. Restless and unfulfilled, I found myself dancing aimlessly within the chamber.

  4. HEAD FREEZE MYSTERY: A headache, an unwelcome companion, made its debut. This was no ordinary cold discomfort; it left me pondering whether the 'unnatural' gas played a role in this.

  5. EFFORTLESS EXIT: Emerging unscathed, I couldn't help but wonder if the cryo chamber's reputation for extreme cold was more hype than reality.

Expectations shattered, I hesitated to draw parallels with my trusty ice baths: can it be compared at all? The cryo chamber was a mere stroll in the park, surpassing even the ease of a routine cold shower.


  • A Novel Experience: Undoubtedly, the cryo chamber offered a unique and sophisticated encounter.

  • Facial: A skin-deep treatment, it excelled as a facial rejuvenation tool.

  • Convenient Cold Fix: A viable alternative for those averse to traditional cold showers or foot-dipping antics.

  • Ease For me, it stood as the epitome of simplicity in cold exposure, and perhaps perfect for those that are extremely afraid for the cold.


  1. MENTAL DISTRACTION: Rather than immersing my mind in the cold stressor, I found myself questioning the commercial viability of this seemingly extravagant venture.

  2. INSULATED ISOLATION: Acting as a heat insulator, the chamber limited heat loss, diminishing the challenge. Covering hands and feet, key players in rapid core temperature drop, felt counterintuitive.

  3. UNDERWHELMING COLD INTENSITY: Contrary to its freezing reputation, the cryo chamber's air-based coldness paled in comparison to the conductivity of water.

  4. UNPLEASANT UNNATURALNESS: Uncomfortable in an unsettling way, the gas-induced experience left my head aching and my skin chilled without the coveted internal shiver.

  5. FINANCIAL REGRET: With a price tag that left me feeling robbed, the cryo chamber failed to justify its cost, especially when compared to the more holistic benefits of a cost-effective ice bath or cold shower.

In the end, this cryo escapade felt excessive, an unnecessary detour in the realm of cold exposure. A home shower, especially in colder climates, promised more for less. Perhaps future iterations will refine this experience, but for now, it's a cold no.

For those chasing a taste of 'cold' in a hot haven, my blog on cold exposure during travels might offer more meaningful insights. Remember, sometimes, the allure of fancy doesn't equate to a superior experience.




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