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MEDITATION - Remain in the Present (Part 1/2)

I believe the most powerful alchemical practice which is tried & tested by generations as well as science, is meditation.

By Nakul Nagrawal

Founder Renovatio

Youngest Mystic in the World

TEDX Speaker

Instagram: @livingnakul

Facebook: @livingnakul

Meditation is the process that enables you to understand & master your operating system: the mind. Our mind is continuously engaged in either thinking about the future – planning & dreaming about it or reminiscing the past. Thus, it goes on missing the reality, the present, continuously.

Planning, dreaming and reminiscing is useful, but continuously doing so is not. This continuous habit of being mentally somewhere except the present moment is the reason behind all our stress, anxiety, tensions, overthinking, impatience, anger, depression & every such emotional problem troubling us today. Meditation helps to train the mind to remain in the present moment when not needed elsewhere, making your feel calmer, peaceful & happier.

Benefits of Meditation according to Science

There are many amazing benefits according to science which are briefly outlined below:

(For the broader explanation of the science behind these click here)

  • Meditation affects our nervous system

  • Meditation Helps Preserve the Aging Brain

  • Meditation Reduces Activity in the Brain’s “Me Center"

  • Its Effects Rival Antidepressants for Depression, Anxiety

  • Meditation May Lead to Volume Changes in Key Areas of the Brain

  • Just a Few Days of Training Improves Concentration and Attention 

  • Meditation Reduces Anxiety — and Social Anxiety

  • Meditation Can Help with Addiction

  • Short Meditation Breaks Can Help Kids in School


Meditation is not a panacea, but there’s certainly a lot of evidence that it may do some good for those who practice it regularly. Everyone from Anderson Cooper and congressman Tim Ryan to companies like Google and Apple and Target  are integrating meditation into their schedules. And its benefits seem to be felt after a relatively short amount of practice. 

When (Tim) Ferriss sat down with more than 200 executives, leaders, and other people at the heights of their fields for his new book, Tools of Titans, he found that 80% had “some form of guided mindfulness practice. 

Steve Jobs, describes his experience of meditation as:

“You start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before.”

Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, an avid meditator, describes the effect of meditation as:

“Beginner’s mind is informing me to step back, so that I can create what wants to be, not what was. I know that the future does not equal the past. I know that I have to be here in the moment.”

HOW TO: 5 Steps to Meditate

So how to begin with meditation. Making it easy for you, find the 5 steps you can follow to begin meditation today!

Step 1 - Pay Attention The first step is paying attention to an object, activity or a sensation based on a stimulus either outside (like sound, sight, touch ) or inside (like breath, heartbeat, thoughts )

Step 2 - Become Aware

The second is to become aware of what feelings the object/sensation creates – It could be Pleasant, Unpleasant or Neutral

Step 3 - Explore Further

The third is to Question ‘why’ does it feel that way & thus create a deeper understanding about our mental patterns & tendencies

Step 4 - Unlearn

The fourth is to use this understanding to deprogram & disassociate from such patterns & tendencies which are of no use or just subjectively relevant.

Step 5 - Remain Aware

The fifth is to start remaining as much attentive & aware as is possible . This enables us to live in the present moment because one can only be attentive about something which is happening in the present moment 

Meditation is something which can be practiced anytime anywhere & a regular practice creates sustained results which can be experienced in a very small time in several areas of life. We have known since ages that Meditation can help us to make better choices & put an end to suffering forever.

Now that you know how game changing a practice meditation is & the innumerable benefits of it. So, what are you waiting for? Your health, happiness & intelligence is waiting to rise to glory. It’s time to start meditating & become the alchemist of your own life story!

Love and gratitude,


Nakul Agrawal

Founder Renovatio

Youngest Mystic in the World

TEDX Speaker

Instagram: @livingnakul

Facebook: @livingnakul

Human • Mystic • Speaker • Writer • Poet • Dancer • Singer • Yogi • Laughing Buddha • Life


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