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My 4 Rules Of Life

By: Machiel Monninkhof


I'm fascinated about life in all it's boundlessness. I'm fascinated about passion, love, compassion, Excitement, happiness, vulnerability… and everything that is happening in your body, mind, and soul. To become the greatest human being, I can grow in, with being perfectly happy in the now and full of radiating energy.

However, my journey wasn't the easiest road to go through. My mom committed suicide eight years ago, which turned my whole life upside down. Without going too much into it, I would say it made the biggest shift in my existence, which I'm now grateful for and which gives me infinite power to manifest.

To become the greatest human being, I can grow in, with being perfectly happy in the now and full of radiating energy.

My mom couldn't look at herself in the mirror because she felt worthless, and most of the time, not happy or just partially happy after making someone else happy (pleasing). After months of crying and processing, I got an inner calling that this happened for me, and not to me. To show people how to create your life how you want it. And so I began to make the next steps into manifesting the life I wanted.

Becoming the manifestor of your own life...

To be honest, it's just in the last six months that I feel I am becoming a true Manifestor of my own life

I found in my personal experience, that to become genuinely a manifestor, you have to know and embody a lot of ingredients to create "the soup" that you want. Body, Mind & Soul are working together in this. So here are my ground rules To manifest your desires and live the life you truly want!


My #1 rule to manifest the desired outcome in your life, it is to really take responsibility for your own happiness and also for your own suffering. Everything we experience happens internally. You choose when you want to feel, how long you want to feel, and if it's helping you.


One important aspect is, what is responsibility? For me, this is being able to respond playfully. Instead of being reactive to life à being responsive to life.

When people take life too seriously about what happened, or what will happen in the future, or they form a too strong of an opinion of something and judge people… You are not responding playfully, and thus you miss out creation, Excitement, inspiration, and so on. The positive vibes that spark you as the creator (Life is happening for us) instead of the negative vibes that spiral you into a victim of life (Life is happening to us)


Sath Guru explains it very well in the way how to organize your four energy bodies. You cannot 100% manifest in your life what you want, without having the four energies aligned


In your mind, you want to feel PIECE and JOY.

In your emotions, you want to feel COMPASSION and LOVE.

In your body, you want to feel STRONG & HEALTHY.

In your energies, you want to feel BLISS & ECSTASY.

You cannot 100% manifest in your life what you want, without having the four energies aligned

Even though I was 6 months ago quite good at feeling the emotions described above, I was not feeling the creator of my life.

I was feeling a lot of peace happiness and joy in my mind; I was good in living my emotions, not by controlling them but by using them as the navigation tool of my thinking. I went on a journey to optimize my health, to strip away fats with toxics, to go sugarless for a while, and I became very strong, flexible, and super healthy. So in my energies, I feel and often felt Bliss & Ecstasy.

However, one thing was not there, the PIECE. I created in my mind a piece, by not thinking about certain aspects or pushing them away. I got so good at it that I got some financial issues that were not bothering me at all, finally stagnating is some issues. When I also began to look at this, and having all 4 energies aligned, things started changing.


What this now means for me is that I play with hundreds and billions of ways how to look at life, and how to play with it.

Since I know that these four energy bodies are determining my happiness, I play with them;

I experiment with them.

Experiment with the four energy bodies

I'm not often sad, for instance, just because I know that I choose to be sad and I don't have to be sad. However, now I decide to stay more often longer in sadness, to find even more gratitude coming up for life and appreciation. And above all, also the answer is often in the negative emotion.

I'm playing with my body a lot, in re-directing natural CHI. Feeling the cold drops going over my warm body makes me now feel every cell in my body, even without the water. 

I'm doing workouts with intentions, putting energy in motion = emotion, and with the emotions I feel this bliss and ecstasy rising to my body.

I'm mixing breathwork with chi gong, I'm getting shivers through my whole body from eating a spoon of peanut butter till the best mozzarella cheese from Italy, combined with the happiness I receive from my Italian girlfriend that is eating it.

For me the way to be a Manifestor of life is to play with life, with everything that it has to offer. From everything you can possibly enjoy, till knowing, feeling how these different perspectives are making you feel.

In my house there are hundreds of little reminders to always go to that flow state. My toilet became an inspiration room, my living room is full of little reminders, humor, moments, and values. And my close friends remind me always of who I really am. We are the creators, create reminders in your life to keep on creating, and remind others of their brilliance. Use Excitement as your navigation tool. 

Life is like food. You can eat one day a banana one day a chocolate bar, one day some cashew nuts and one day a kiwi. What happens if you combine them, and make art out your food. You create little dishes from the banana + a piece of pure chocolate + cashew + a little of kiwi and a leaf of mint. The next time you use a strawberry, blueberry, or make a healthy chocolate cake.

Life never get's boring like this, it's always an exploration. If you are too serious about health for instance, you cut out everything that is not good for you.

If you are playful, you will learn more about what is good for you, and experiment with that. And in there, there are billions of creative opportunities that have the possibility for you to enjoy. What do you choose?

Become the alchemist of your life. Change your perspective 



Machiel Monninkhof

CEO Legendiaryyourlife (LYL)


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